i made a thing

if anyone here has a reddit account, i would really appreciate if you could take a minute to up vote this thing i made here

it’s a map generator thing for reddit gifts

my failed attempts at restocking right after neo came back up

im so mad i didnt have enough money out at the time. oops.


It finally happened, friends.

My older sister remembered the password to her account.

And after setting up eight thousand trades for the spooky/gross food I’ve been collecting for her over the years, she asked me if I would trade my mutant acara for one of her unconverteds, and of course I did.

Now I just have to make sure I never ever go to the PC for fear of butthurt people crying haxxxx.

ah congrats!


someone messaged me their friend code for the ds and I responded with mine before copying their’s down

if it was you, please PM me again!

also, add me yo! FC: 4914-4012-6894